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Understanding The Quran

Al-Baqarah (The Cow)

Meaning of Surah Al-Baqarah with Explanatory Notes by Kaleem Ullah Khan

Wamin: and among, naasi: the people, man: (there are some) who, yaqulu: say, aamanna: we believe, billah: in Allah, wabil yaumil aakhri: and the last day (of judgement), wa: and maahum: they are not, bimunineen: believers.
Yukhadioona: they (seek to) deceive, Allah: Allah (God), Wallazeena: and those, aamanu: who believe, wa: and, mayakhdaoona: they deceive none, illa: except, anfusahum: themselves, wa: and, mayasharun: they perceive it not, Fi: in, Qulubihim: in their hearts (minds) maradun: (is) a disease, fazadahum: so increased (for) them, Allah: God, maradaa: (their disease, Walahum: and for them, azabun: punishment, aleem: painful, bima: because of, kaanu: they used to, yakzibun: tell lies (about their faith). Wa iza: and when, keela: it is said to, lahum: them, laatufsideu: donot spread corruption (mischief), fil ard: in the land, qaalu: they say, innama: infact, nahnu: we are, muslihun: peace keepers. alla: beware, innahum: indeed they (are), hum: (and) they alone almufsidun: trouble makers, walaakin: and yet, laa yasharun: they do not perceive it. Wa-izz: and when, qeela: it is said, lahum: to them, aaminu: believe, kama: as, aamana: (have) believed, an-naasu: (righteous) people, qaalu: they say, a numino: should we believe, kama: as, aamanassufahau: stupid ones have believed, ala: beware, innahum: indeed they, humussufahau: (and) they alone are the stupid ones, wa laakin: yet, laayaalamun: they know it not, wa-iza: and when, laku: they meet, al lazeena: those, aamanu: who believe, qaalu: they say, aamannu: we (too) believe, wa-iza: and when, khalau: they are alone, ila: with, shayatinihim: their devils (evil leaders) qaalu: they say, inna: verily we are, ma’ahum: with you, innama: verily, nahnu: we, mustahzi’oon: are making mockery of them, Allahu: God, mustahziu: mocks, bihim: at them, wa yamudduhum: and extends them (a long rope), feetugyaanihim: in their transgression, yaamahun: they wander blindly. Ullaika: they are those, Ishtarau: (who) bought ad-dulalata: errors (misguidance), bilhuda: with (for) guidance famarahihat: so they made no gain, tijaratuhum: (in) their trade, wamakaanu: and they are not, muhtadeen: the guided ones.

And among the people there are some who say, “we believe in Allah and the last day (of judgement)” but they are not believers. They (seek to) deceive Allah and those who believe but they deceive none except their ownselves and they perceive it not.1 In their hearts is a disease, so Allah has increased for them (their) disease and for them is a painful torment because they used to tell lies (about their faith).2

And when it is said to them do not spread corruption (mischief) in the land, they say, “infact we are peace lovers”. Beware, indeed they and they alone are the trouble makers but they do not perceive it.3

And when it is said to them believe as (righteous) people have believed, they say, “should we believe as stupid one’s have believed?” Beware indeed they are they alone are the stupid one’s and they know it not.4

And when they meet those who believe they say, “we (too) believe”, and when they are alone with their devils (evil leaders), they say ‘we are with you and we are making mockery of them”. Allah mocks at them and extends them (a long rope), in their transgression they wander blindly.5 They are the ones who have bought error (misguidance) for guidance so they make no gain in their trade and they are not the guided ones.6


  1. Hypocrisy is deceit and a hypocrite by his oral declaration of faith intends to cheat Allah and the faithful. But can he deceive Allah? Never because He fully knows what is in his heart. Similarly a hypocrite sooner or later gets exposed before the community, thus he realizes that he has deceive none but his own self.
  2. Hypocrisy is the cancer of heart and soul and when a person suffering from this fatal disease, despite repeated warnings, does not correct himself, the disease spreads and increases with the passage of time.
  3. Hypocrites as a natural consequence of their behavior intend to spread mischief in the land to destabilize the peaceful atmosphere established by pious and righteous people.
  4. Hypocrites are in fact opportunists who always think about the worldly gains even at the cost of the life hereafter. So they cannot understand and appreciate the sacrifices which a God fearing person offers for seeking eternal bliss.
  5. One of the main characteristics of hypocrites is that he is a coward person and always keeps his options open, and because of his ignorance considers himself ‘wise’. He lacks truthfulness, straight-forwardness and courage because he is faithless opportunist.
  6. Hypocrite are always losers, because they themselves opt for loss in preference to any gain. This is due to their inherent inability of differentiating between right and wrong.
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