Latino Muslims Share Their Story

Watch this video to know how some Latino Muslims converted to Islam. The guests are br. Mujahid Fletcher & Br. Isa Parada. The event was organized by Islamic Institute of Orange County on Jan. 15, 2010.

Key points of this video:

Introduction – Isa Parada [start time 00:00]
Me before Islam [start time 01:32]
Me as a Christian [start time 02:01]
Moving to Houston, Texas [start time 03:10]
Me questioning my faith [start time 04:54]
Spending Summer in New York [start time 06:27]
Non-Muslims using Islamic terms [start time 06:59]
Me reading the biography of Malcolm X [start time 07:20]
Life changing event [start time 10:16]
Me searching for Islam [start time 12:25]
Me Accepting Islam [start time 15:42]
Me getting married [start time 18:18]
My family & friends accepting Islam
Introduction – Mujahid Fletcher [start time 22:17]
Gangs being formed in school [start time 27:00]
People attempting to kill
Me moving back to Columbia [start time 31:25]
My second move to USA [start time 34:06]
Search for the correct faith
Me becoming interested in Islam [start time 39:11]
Islam is the true religion of God
Me accepting Islam [start time 44:21]
When I testified I felt lighter
How I felt after Islam [start time 53:10]
My family & friends accepting Islam [start time 54:40]
Conclusion [start time 56:32]

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