Insulting the Prophet: Is It Freedom of Speech?

As some people intend to insult our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) be confident that such individuals know nothing about neither Muhammad nor any other prophet of God. Looking critically at the life of all the Prophets (peace be upon them), from Moses and Jesus to Muhammad, we would see that all of them had experienced all kinds of physical and verbal abuse from people of their times. The question is: how did they respond to such unbearable insults?

Back to our time, why do some people intend to insult Prophet Muhammad? What do they want?

To people who insult our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), how should a Muslim react?  And when it comes to explicit provocation should we stand silent or respond at all? Is it through insulting back you measure your love for the prophet? Is it a debate on freedom of speech?

Listen to these wise voices of fellow Muslims; how they perceive such debate and, accordingly, respond to such things:

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